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mRemoteNG confCons.xml Missing Problem


For some time now i have been using mRemoteNG and due to many reasons i like this software due to its remote access suite as i would call it. I came across this problem of mremote giving an error of “Cannot load due to confCons.xml missing from c:\users\xyz user\AppData\Roaming\mRemoteNG in windows 7.

The simple remedy to this would be go to the above mentioned link. If you cannot see this folder then unhide folders from folder options.

Unhide Folders
Unhide Folders

The image on the right shows how to unhide folders from any windows explorer window.

Simply put when you have unhidden folders you will see the above mentioned folder i.e. “AppData” in your users folder.


Open that location and you will see many backup confCons.xml files as showin below image. Simply select the most recent file with some data weight which in my case was 9kb’s of file and of december 2013. The file will have a long name and one has to do is to copy the file; rename it asĀ  “confCons.xml” and paste in the same folder while deleting the existing confCons.xml if there is any and this shall solve the problem of mRemoteNG missing its dear file.

Now run the exe file mRemoteNG.exe from your favourite location which in my case is quick toolbar and you will see it alive again.

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