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We at Techrevo believe in Fix, Educate, Train. This simple philosophy has helped us in understanding more of the customer issues and problems. Our Blog is part of our philosophy because we tend to educate our customers and work with them to resolve issue so we can move on to resolve more complicated issues.

TechRevo blog is written by experts working at TechRevo. We deliver quality Information Technology services with aim to develop an insight into the general public about open source software and the possibilities it has. Our company focuses on developing turn key networking solutions for Small and Medium enterprises, Data Centers, Software development environments, and call centers.

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- 215 days ago

RT @ImranRiazKhan: 26 سیکنڈ کا کلپ دیکھنے کے بجائے بھکاری یہ پورا کلپ دیکھیں افاقہ ہوگا۔ #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
h J R